Understand Your NDIS Plan

NDIS is designed to provide facilities to a different range of customers suffering from disabilities by providing customised services targeting to match their specific requirements and expectations.

As per the official record, more than 4.3 million people in Australia suffer from some disability problem and need support to continue their life journey. NDIS aims to provide support worth $22 billion through its services to disabled people to impact their lives positively.

The NDIS service providers in different parts of the country contribute effectively by offering a helping hand to disabled people through daily support, bringing them into social groups, and developing life skills. NDIS makes updated and relevant information about services accessible to clients in different regions of Australia to help them avail the required support and home care facilities.

Your NDIS plan

The NDIS plans are designed in collaboration with the client to take care of their individualised needs and involve the following process steps.

  • About you: It is a collection of detailed facts about you, your family members, and information about others connected to you on a daily basis.
  • Your goals: This includes your short-term objectives and long-term aspirations you want to achieve to spend a happy and satisfying life. This is discussed elaborately during initial interactions and consultations.
  • Your support: This is a detailed ,description of the nature of support you need to fulfill your short-term and long-term goals.

Form of Support Available

Mainstream support: It refers to the support in the form of diet, exercise, education, sports, and involvement in relevant social and cultural groups.

Family, friends, and community support: Our team will help you identify the family members, friends, and community groups that you expect to support you and take care of your needs.

You can receive funding support from the NDIS depending on the fulfillment of necessary criteria as provided through personal information. NDIS provides you financial support to avail necessary services required by you. The plan will be reviewed on annual basis for necessary modifications as required.

  • Daily personal activities and household works.
  • Transportation facilities to participate in social and community affairs.
  • Secure and maintain employability.
  • Counseling and behavioral support.
  • Healthcare and medical aids.
  • Access training support to develop life-skills.
  • Maintain and modify mobility equipment.
  • Design, construction, and modification of home

NDIS maintains a set of rules regarding fund allocation to deliver the support service effectively to the right kind of people. The services for which funds will not be provided are as follows:

  • Service that comes under another support scheme or preview of another government.
  • Support that is not directly related to disability.
  • Support expenses that are not matching with the client’s support needs.
  • Activities that may lead to a potential risk for the participant.

For more clarification, you can visit our official website or call our representative who will guide you with all relevant information.

We are ready to address all your queries regarding NDIS and help you avail of the best services.