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Yes, you have the option to change your current NDIS service provider and go for another one if you feel the present service is not fulfilling your needs in terms of quality and time. You may re-look at your life objectives and decide on the priorities that need to be taken care of. Accordingly, you can select the new provider based on your changing requirements.
Yes, we always recommend involving your family members from the planning stage and allowing them to provide valuable inputs to execute the NDIS service successfully.
Yes, you need to pre-plan your goals, and the support you want to receive to achieve the goals. It would help you communicate clearly to our representative about your requirements and enables us to plan your service more effectively matching your needs. The pre-planning helps you to note down the relevant points to be discussed or questions to be asked to the representative for better clarification.

There are three ways you can manage funding as received from NDIS. These are mentioned as follows:

  • Self-managed: You can handle the funds by yourself or assign any of your family members to manage the fund. This gives you the flexibility of choosing which NDIS services plan you should go for considering your support needs.
  • Plan-managed: You can designate a manager who can plan the expenses and handle the fund on your behalf. He is assigned the responsibility of coordinating with the service providers and for payment or any claim.
  • NDIS-managed: You can identify a reliable NDIS provider who has the expertise to manage your funds and will be responsible for making payments on your behalf as required.
No, there is no need to pay any extra amount since the entire funding is sponsored by NDIS on behalf of the Australian government.
Yes, there is a maximum amount that the authorized NDIS service providers can charge. This limit is defined by the NDIS and published on the official website of NDIS.

The support services provided by NDIS aim to help disabled people live independently and achieve their goals of overcoming physical challenges. The various support services provided by NDIS include the following:

  • Core support

NDIS provides care and support to disabled people who are suffering from significant and permanent disabilities. The experienced staff assists them in performing daily activities like bathing, dressing, dining, transportation and other household works with ease and convenience. The support services also aim to develop their capability and confidence by engaging in group activities and community affairs.

  • Capability building

The support services also aim to develop the capability and confidence of clients by engaging in group activities and community affairs. With the necessary support, they can improve daily living standards, maintain social interactions, and develop a positive approach. NDIS also assist them by arranging proper accommodation; managing funds or even guiding them with training and counseling.

  • Capital expenses

This NDIS service also includes funding support for specialised accommodation of disabled persons, construction and modifications of residence, and purchase of equipment for mobility and personal care.

As per NDIS regulations, any person aged above 65 will not be eligible to receive NDIS funding. However, there are provisions for home care packages that accept the criteria of above 65 years.
If you do not receive confirmation from NDIS for funding your services, even then you can avail of the services by paying the charges personally.